The popularity of traveling becomes mainstream in the 21st century. In fact, tourism is on the rise of 6% over 2017 in the previous year, according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO). That is equivalent to more than one billion international tourist arrivals in 2018. Along with its popularity is also the pervasiveness of vacation rental properties such as accommodation and rental vehicles. These days, many travelers would either opt for minibus hire on group travels or car rentals to drive solo and stroll over the place. 

Renting a car on a trip is a convenient way to go places without meddling your privacy when you travel alone or with the company of your friends and family. You won’t have to sit along with strangers, wait for late passengers to arrive, and you just feel free to travel as you please without imposing on the hospitality of chauffers. Now that vacation rentals are becoming more popular, it’s time that we travelers must reflect on what’s okay and not okay when it comes to renting a vehicle. Below are little etiquette rules that every traveler should follow for ethical traveling.

On-time Pickup and Return Policy

Make sure to arrive on the agreed-upon time when trying to pick up the rental vehicle and the same thing that goes when you return it to the owner. If you think you might be returning a little late, inform the car owner or the agency ahead of time. Have some decency to pay some extra when you know you may have exceeded the agreed-upon return time. 

Eating and Smoking Without Owner’s Permission

Just because you’re paying for it does not mean you can treat the vehicle as your own. The usual things you do in your own car shouldn’t be done in a rental one. You can’t just bring food or smoke inside without the owner knowing. Ask the owner if you can bring food and eat inside but be responsible when eating inside a rental vehicle. Do not spill food or drinks on the seat covers and clean up your mess and leftovers after eating. Smoking should never be practiced inside a vehicle. You can drop by a smoking area across the road if you can’t contain your smoking.     

Responsible Driving

As an ethical driver and borrower, you are expected to adopt responsible driving behavior through the entire use of a borrowed vehicle. Avoid overspeeding, texting, and smoking while on the road. This is not only to reduce your accident-prone behavior but also to respect the owner of the vehicle. You have no idea how much care they try to put in this vehicle only to confer it to some careless borrower like you. Always have some decency to handle whatever you borrow or hire with care.   

Slamming of Doors

Do not disrespect the owner’s car by slamming the door whenever you hop in or get out. Again, you are only hiring the vehicle and technically not owning it. But do not do the slamming on your own car either. You may not notice it anytime soon, but shutting the door too often can damage the hinges over time. 

Returning Phase

All borrowers, make sure to return the vehicle better than how it looked when you borrowed it. You can stop over a gas station for a refill and windshield cleaning to show some courtesy and a little consideration to the owner that comes a long way. If you happen to cause some scratches or any mechanical issues, better show some honesty, and inform the owner or the rental agency about it. Offer some extra pay to cover car repair expenses.

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