Thanksgiving is a United States national holiday. Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day. This encompasses both religious and secular elements, being both a harvest festival and a family festival. So, what’s your Thanksgiving Day 2019 planning? In the United States, the date of Thanksgiving varies from that in Canada. Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving in October on the second Monday. It is an opportunity to express appreciation for life’s successes and successes. Families and friends are meeting for a feast on Thanksgiving Day. The traditional meal includes vegetables and potatoes with cranberry sauce, gravy stuffing, and roast turkey. Let’s discuss lesser-known facts around Happy thanksgiving meme 2019 now.

When is the 2019 American Day of Thanksgiving?

During the Thanksgiving weekend, many towns and cities watch impressive parades. It’s called Black Friday the day after this day. As a consequence, it’s a long holiday weekend in America’s More Than 20 states. Taking trips to visit friends and family during the long weekend is popular in the U.S. Thanksgiving Day falls on November 4, i.e., November 28, in the year 2019.

And only on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

Thanksgiving Day fun fact: As per the policy implemented by President Abraham Lincoln, America celebrated the National Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November until 1939 from 1863. Earlier, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that on the fourth Thursday of November, instead, a national Happy Thanksgiving Day celebration would take place. Last Thursday that is the third Thursday.

What is the Day of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is a U.S. national holiday held every year on November’s fourth Thursday. This incorporates both religious and secular elements-being, both a celebration of the harvest and a family festival. It is assumed that the roots of Thanksgiving Day lie in a celebration of the first harvest in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Thanksgiving Day is the day of the year’s highest food consumption.

The U.S. Thanksgiving date varies from that of Thanksgiving Day in Canada, where it is observed on October’s second Monday.


Native American harvest celebrations had been observed for decades before the formal establishment of Thanksgiving, with colonial services dating back to the late 16th century. After a season of lavish production, the autumnal feasts celebrated crop harvesting.

In the early 1600s, Massachusetts and Virginia groups of colonists gathered together to give thanks for their life, for the prosperity of their lands, and their faith. The most widely known early Thanksgiving is that of the Pilgrims in Plimoth, Massachusetts, who celebrated with the people of Wampanoag in 1621 for three days.

Thanksgiving Date

In 1863 National Thanksgiving Day was declared by President Abraham Lincoln on the final Thursday of November. Until 1939[6], the practice was followed to designate the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Thursday of November’s fourth (next-to-last) as Happy Thanksgiving photos¬†free instead of the last, second. The Thanksgiving date switch was aimed at expanding the shopping season until Christmas and helping bring the country out of the Great Depression. In the same way, on the third (next-to-last) Thursdays, Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1949 and 1941. The date of Thanksgiving was set as the fourth Thursday in November in December 1941.

History Behind Thanksgiving Day:

Simple Historical Facts on Thanksgiving Day:

First Thanksgiving Day in El Paso, Texas, in 1598.

A Thanksgiving celebration event held in the Colony of Virginia in 1619.

1621: Together with the harvest celebrated by the pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It took three days to mark this feast. 90 native Americans and 53 pilgrims attended it.

1623: The pilgrims gave thanks for the rain, which ended the drought.

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