Tell me how many times you have to suffer from bathroom plumbing problems. Even if I guess it would be several times. Isn’t it? It’s normal because the bathroom is the only place for many plumbing mishaps. Make sure that your services of bathroom installation in London have been done in the right way.
This post contains all the solutions for your bathroom plumbing problems. So sit back with a cup of coffee, and let’s learn about how to deal with bathroom plumbing issues.

When you have poor ventilation

The ventilation in your bathroom performs a major role than the rest of your home. It helps in reducing the moist that forms after you took a shower. If you feel that the humidity and moisture stay in your bathroom, then it should, it means you have poor ventilation. Replace anything that you found like fans and also the vents if it is improperly installed. Check whether the overall bathroom design and installation is correct or not at the same time. If you want to change the vents, you must consult with a professional bathroom plumber before doing that by yourself.

Another way to find out if you have an improper way of vents is when you see stained walls with moisture. It is a good sign that shows that you are having too much humidity inside the bathroom and very little ventilation.

The problem of molds

Molds are formed when you have a poor ventilation system. The humidity and moisture inside the bathroom get converted into mildew. These molds are very lethal to your respiratory tract, so don’t ignore these unhealthy plumbing problems.

If you have noticed something like molds, you must call an expert to get it cleaned in a proper way. If you keep the molds on there for a long period of time, you have to pay extra and huge in remodeling it. The best way to avoid this is just to take care of these signs and fix them ASAP!

If you have leaks in the showerhead

Check the seals around your shower. Make a habit of doing this every day. This is the place where if you missed the area, you could be in huge trouble afterward. These undetected leaks can throw you in huge trouble at any time. So be sure of checking it while you shower.

Major damage can happen if the water is constantly splashing on the walls or floors. If this issue cannot be solved by mini fixtures, you might fall in heavy, expensive bills as this requires a complete renovation, which will automatically raise the price. The most spoilt material, in this case, would be wooden floorboards and joists. They rot with time. These fixtures are too much expensive as the plumbers need to remove the shower tray in order to start the work on the damaged area.

The real trouble with a leaky faucet

A leaky faucet is often ignored by homeowners as they think it’s not at all a plumbing issue or anything that has to do with major plumbing problems. What could be more frustrating to see that your water bills have risen unimaginably high just because of the dripping faucet? The dripping faucet could be really noisy and irritable at the same time. Dripping happens because of the washers, which are not able to prevent the sipping of water through the valve. Since the problem is with the washer, you can replace it soon. This replacement process might need a replacement hand/expert. If you are experiencing with dripping faucets and leaky showerheads, this is a big signal there’s something wrong with your fixtures. Try replacing them with a new one.

Slow drain issue

The main reason for the clogging issue is the hair and other debris. A lot of people complained that after they face a clogged drain, they have tried the hair and gunk removal method, then the liquid plumber then the plunger. All these seem to solve nothing. The problem is, you can’t see any clogging signals unless it becomes worse. The debris or the residues keep adding to the pipe of your sink, which over time, starts to build up huge deposits. Use devices like drain snake to clear the clogs on a regular basis. This will prevent clogging from building up huge debris.

The unending drain clogging

Clogged drains can be really hazardous to health if not treated properly in time. Clogged drains are easy to detect and work on to prevent blockage. You can put pressure to dislodge the material, but a lot of times, people find it much harder.

Showers & tub drain clogs can be prevented by using a strainer to pull out the hair going into the line. A lot of times, hair just falls in no matter how you take care of it by tying your hair. The best solution for this would be to brush your hair prior to your showering as this will help in falling off the hair when you brush. Toilet drain clogs happen occasionally and needed to be taken care of. Only flush water and toilet paper products. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw the paper as much as you want. Papers with times can clog the drain easily.

When the pressure of water is low

Limescale build-up could be one of the reasons for slow water pressure. If you replace the showerhead, this problem won’t bother you much. A low water pressure problem is quite common in the bathroom. The reason could be because of the aerator. What exactly happens is, calcium is deposited in the faucet aerator, which leads to the low pressure of water. To be sure of this fact, you need to check both the hot and cold water. In case of issues in both, the main culprit is the faucet. In such a case, you just need to clean the faucet aerator.

Running toilet

When you experience the constant running toilet, it can cause numerous plumbing issues. The damage of the rubber flapper can cause some disruption. In a lot of cases, the damage of the fill valve has also contributed to such disturbance. Such plumbing issues can be fixed easily. In order to avoid such obstacles coming in your way, it’s a good option to replace your toilet.

Conclusion, with a little bit of plumbing knowledge, you can fix your most common bathroom plumbing issues without any worries. But beware of any problems that might need an expert hand. Don’t try to fix anything where you are naive. This post has helped you in organizing the basic bathroom plumbing mishaps and ways to solve them. I hope it will help you in the future!