The Best Live Trip Tracking App of 2019-20

Planning your next adventure? Tripp, an app to track travel on the map, bridges your gap, and takes you to places you don’t want to miss. 

Curated and designed for all adventurers who want to see the world without any blockades. Tripp lets you drop the distractions of everyday life and eases out your tracking, monitoring, and displaying activities based on your interests.

This application houses the ability to record all your major forms of travel journeys. Its unmatchable feature of visual recording aids you in documenting your entire enterprising history in one go.

Tripp’s Foundational Belief – Built by Travellers for Travellers

We believe that planning a trip should be as fun and effortless as being on one. Discover unique, easy to operate features with Tripp, a best live trip tracking app. Not only can you classify road routes or record your journey but also get additional tools and features that include filters to assist you throughout. 

Chalk out, organize, and monitor your interest and activities today, with Tripp, an app to track travel on the map!

Tripp – Your Travel Partner

We are here for you, before, during, and after your journey. The versatility of this app is only limited by your imagination. Whether going for a solo trip, motorcycle riding, hiking, off-roading, or else, it goes everywhere with you. 

Additionally, you can share your travel diaries effortlessly with your closed ones on various social media channels using Tripp, a live trip tracking app.

There’s a continually running GSP in the background, letting you trail your path smoothly. The right companion can make your trip smoother and add that entertaining element. 

Turn your Gadget into a Helping Hand

Who doesn’t carry their smartphones wherever they go! Let’s change the norm together. Make your smart iOS phones into helping hand by downloading Tripp and get an app to track travel on the map!

You might have planned so many trips and may feel that there’s not enough time to enjoy the beauty of the destination. But don’t worry, let Tripp worry about it! 

Right from knowing your nearby places to eat food, dance on the disco floors, or shop around the city, Tripp has got you covered. Download it today and experience what it is like to travel with Tripp App!

Always know where to be and when, as you handle the booking, Tripp will take it from here!