When choosing a cordless drill to meet your working needs, there are some important things that you should understand and pay more attention to it. By having a good cordless drill, it can really help you to get the job done easier, quicker, more effective, and more efficiently.

Here are some tips for you about how to choose a cordless drill:

How Many Volts is the Cordless Drill?

One of the most important things when choosing a cordless drill is the number of volts. The greater the volts of a cordless drill means the more powerful and the faster the drill’s motor spins. However, the greater the volts of a cordless drill also means the heavier the battery, which results in a heavier drill.

So, you have to really keep in mind of this component when choosing a cordless drill. If you are going to use it for long working hours, you had better choose one which is not so heavier but still powerful enough for you to get the job done. For this, I can recommend the Bosch 36618-02 cordless drillBosch 36618-02 is an 18v cordless drill that is powerful and lightweight, so it will not give you too much pressure on your wrist. It is designed to reduce the user’s fatigue.

Cordless Drill Battery

The battery is the other important thing to consider when choosing a good cordless drill. Generally, there are three kinds of storage battery which are most often used in a cordless drill. They are:

  • Li-Ion Battery (Lithium-Ion Battery)
  • NiMH Battery (Nickel Metal Hydride Battery)
  • NiCd Battery (Nickel Cadmium Battery)

Lithium-Ion Battery and NiMh Battery is more environment- friendly because they don’t contain toxic cadmium like NiCd Battery (Nickel Cadmium Battery). Another thing to keep in mind when buying a cordless drill is to check whether there is an additional battery included in the package. If it’s not included, it might be good for you to buy another extra battery.

Chuck Size

Another important thing in choosing a cordless drill is the size of the chuck. If you are going to use the cordless drill for heavy-duty work, you should choose the ½” (half an inch) chuck. But if you only use the cordless drill for a general-purpose like the most average homeowner, the 3/8 inch chuck should be enough for you.

Speed of the Cordless Drill

It is always better if you can choose a dual-speed cordless drill. With the dual speed range, you can adjust the speed according to your needs. So, you have more control over the cordless drill when getting your job done.

Well, those are some important components that you should consider when choosing a cordless drill. When buying such a thing, I will always read for the customer reviews from people who have used the product. By doing that, I can really know whether the cordless drill is worth buying or not.