Due to the advancement of new technology, the trend of taxi dispatch is booming swiftly in the business-oriented world. We are living in the contemporary era, where we can impress the people with efficient ride-sharing services and relax them in luxury cars. If you are planning to drive the taxi booking business in the upcoming years, you should consider some important factors to give neck-to-neck hit to your competitors.

Notable Features Of An Intelligent Taxi Dispatch System

As a business owner, the main focus should be on more profit and less investment. According to the people, the app which serves every single need and operates more directly is worth and meaningful. Below are the rich-features of the on-demand taxi app that you should look forward to empowering the online business in a few months.

Hassle-free Onboarding

It is the major step that allows the passengers to understand the app from scratch. It also ensures that the customers will register themselves for sure.

Native access compatibility

The app should be designed at the native end to offer a seamless taxi-hailing experience to both android and iOS users.

Quick Booking

The instant request and response are beneficial for saving the time of business owners as well as customers. For example, – Individuals delay or cancel their trips when the matter is of waiting for a prolonged time.

Live Tracking

The cab should be capable of tracking in real-time location to stay connected to both the drivers and customers. It will give accurate details of time estimation and tells travelers how much they have to wait for the person coming for pick-up.


You need to gauge which persons travel a lot from the taxi – local businessmen, office goers, college students, or tourists. It entirely relies on the location which you choose for offering carpooling services. The pre-booking features enables the riders to schedule the cab for travel later.

Coupon Codes

It is a clever technique that grabs the attention of travel seekers and gets ready for booking. It will help them in saving more money from the standard fare estimation. Even the advantageous for the app launcher in terms of boosting revenue rate.

Rating & Reviews

The feedback is extremely important to know whether the business is running smoothly or face extreme loss. The more tap on the rating button, the more chances that the application will welcome immense promotions all over the world.

Trip Sharing Ideas

Everybody loves to share stories on social media, and they don’t want to miss a single chance to tell people what they do, what they eat. Hence, you can add share trip feature to stay connected to people with their kith & kin.

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In-app chat

It allows drivers and customers to get in touch with an in-built messaging feature. The main benefits of a live chat function are huge customer satisfaction, less negative reviews, large conversion rates, and top-level marketing.

Seamless Payments

There is no chance of bargaining with a mobile-wallet or in-app payment system. It will help you to earn immediately after the completion of the ride. The cashless payment is a simple, secure, and convenient option for making a hefty sum of money from online taxi booking software.

To create a taxi app like Uber, there is a huge need for a smart move for smarter returns. All you need fully-customized, robust, and user-friendly solutions to foster the fleet business. When it comes to getting all-around uniqueness, the ready-made purchase of cab booking works wonders for you.

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