Carpet cleaning is one of the most dreaded household chores. This activity usually involves a lot of cleaning processes that would even make your backache until the next day. It is no surprise why people tend to delay cleaning their carpets. It really takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work.

Personally, I do not enjoy cleaning carpets with the help of a battery backpack vacuum cleaner and would always delay the activity as much as I could.

This should not be the case. A well-maintained carpet lasts longer, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Cleaning them regularly is essential to remove dirt and other deep-seated materials that could potentially make us ill.

Cleaning our carpets the conventional can really be a nightmare for many. The traditional method of having to apply soap and brushing it to remove dirt and stains would really make anyone’s backache.

Good thing there are not modern and easy methods on how to keep our carpets clean and tidy also by taking help from battery operated backpack vacuum cleaner. Below are some of the few.

Foam Carpet Cleaner

The large area occupied by carpets is what makes the chore a hard one. With the help of a foam carpet cleaner, no rinsing is involved, and large areas will never pose as a problem. I have learned this method in dry carpet cleaning and found it really effective.

The method involves spraying the foam compound to the carpet, letting it settle for 30 minutes, and vacuuming it afterward. The foam will release the dirt from the carpet and can be removed through the use of the battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner.

Cotton Bonnet Method

This is also a dry method in cleaning carpets. A special solution is applied to a pad that is attached to a rotating machine. This machine is then applied on the surface of the carpet area to be cleaned, and the rotating movement beats the dirt out of the carpet. A vacuum is later on used to remove the extracted dirt.

Dry Cleaning Compounds

In this process, the cleaning compound is brushed to the surface of the carpet, and the dirt adheres to it. You can notice that most of the dry methods in cleaning carpets involve the use of a vacuum cleaner.

It is the only method to completely remove the separated dirt from a carpet with the capacity of vacuum cleaners to suck the dirt away from the carpet.


Polymers are the chemicals used in this dry cleaning process. The polymers, when applied to the surface of the carpet, encapsulate and crystallize the dirt, soil particles, and residues present in the carpet. After a few minutes, the encapsulated dirt can now be removed with the use of a vacuum.

This method is the most popular method in fry cleaning carpets because it keeps a carpet clean for a longer period, and the carpet can be used immediately after cleaning.

Wet Shampoo

This is one of the cheapest and earliest methods in cleaning carpets, but it proved to be troublesome, tiring and involves a lot of hard work. This method has been hardly used since the encapsulation process in cleaning carpets was introduced.

Different methods and improved chemical compounds were developed throughout the years to make carpet cleaning a less time-consuming chore. Find a suitable technique that works with our cleaning patience as well as your budget. Doing so will make carpet cleaning a gratifying activity.

Probably the best way to have your home or office carpets cleaned is to have a professional company do it for you. There are many ways in which you can find a company that specializes in carpet cleaning. You can ask friends and family for a referral, have they ever used a carpet cleaning company?

If so, were they any good? Another good way to find a carpet cleaning company is through the internet, look for a company who have testimonials on their website of happy customers, and be sure to find out the methods they use to clean carpets, some of these are below.

Dry extraction cleaning

This process usually works wells with the fibers that are sturdy enough, and they include synthetics and are appropriate and go well with the wool and cotton. Here you need to make sure that they are not exposed to excessive moisture out there.

This method makes use of the compound that is absorbent as it contains some noteworthy detergents along with with with the solvents that can be easily infused well-within the carpets.

The stains and dirt that is generated can be removed easily through vacuuming, as noted through backpack vacuum reviews online.

This foam is much drier, and it is also a lot less dense than a wet foam extraction solution is worked into the selected carpet by a special machine for this type of solution to ensure that the carpet is clean in such a way that it looks as though it is restored back to its original condition.