Road trips are the recipe for a fun-filled holiday. Imagine the thrill of getting on a road, driving while enjoying the wind in your hair, and soaking in the beauty of the landscape. There is something very exciting about road trips in India. Firstly, the landscape is magical. You can choose to drive along the mountains, by the sea, through lush beauty, small towns, and more. Secondly, while you are on the road, you come close to the small towns, culture, and other experiences.

If you wish for a road trip to India, here are some of the best possible options. Drive with friends, family, or your loved one and enjoy the journey, which is better than the destination!


If heaven landed on Earth, it could not get better than Ladakh. Rugged mountains as far as the eye can see, ancient monasteries, lazy rivers, golden sand dunes, spots of green, and so much more makes the trip truly amazing. Ride through some of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world. The roads leading to and through the region known as ‘land of high passes’ as well as ‘roof of the world’ is adventurous and certainly an experience of a lifetime. Ladakh offers the most exciting of self-drive road trips in India. It is a life-changing journey that every traveler must embark upon.


Once a glorious seaport in ancient times of the Pallava dynasty and now a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mahabalipuram is a beautiful merge of the timeless sea and the glory of the bygone days. Drive along the Coromandel Coast to arrive at the town from Chennai. Enjoy the sea breeze, stop to marvel at the historical treasure of architecture, or halt to be refreshed by a quiet stretch of the shore to enjoy fun and frolic. If you want to ponder over life and have some quiet moments, then Mahabalipuram road trip is right for you.


A taste of France in India, Pondicherry is a beautiful destination with lots of amazing experiences. Reminding of ‘French Riveria,’ this Union Territory is blessed with scenic beaches, secret backwaters, historical colonies, interesting architecture, colonial villas, thrilling sports, and so much more. A self-drive trip to Pondicherry lets you enjoy the beautiful views of the Coromandel Coast, enjoy the sea breeze, and have a vacation unlike another. Be it a getaway with friends, your loved one, or even alone, Pondicherry will provide a memorable time.


One of the most beautiful hill towns in India, Ooty, is a true gem for travelers. The quaint town in South India is known for its lush tea gardens, pleasant weather, and many other charms. Drive to Ooty is one of the most beautiful journeys India has to offer. Watch the clouds float by, the numerous shades of green you pass by inspiring your hearts, and what more you can even race the toy train that makes its way to Ooty. A self-drive trip to the hill station offers you enough breaks to actually enjoy the beauty and charm of the town. Escape the city chaos with a getaway to the lush bliss of the Western Ghats, to one of the favored hill stations in India.


Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, Manali is known for being one of the most beautiful road trips in India. The drive towards the mountains is truly breathtaking. Pass by lush valleys, flowing streams, and the Beas River, watch the mountains draped in snow and clouds. Lush apple orchards on the way to Manali and even in the town are the highlight of your road trip. The fun-filled drive is perfect for families, couple son honeymoon, adventure overs, and even the ones seeking solace. For the ones who love long road trips and the mountains, this self-drive trip will be the best experience of their lives.


The royal city of Karnataka, Mysore is among the best road trips in India. The journey through lush hills arriving at the city of palaces is truly memorable. Start your trip from the bustling city of Bangalore. The getting away from the city into the small town delights also presents a glimpse of the royal architecture, thrilling sightseeing, and other incredible experiences. Enjoy the pleasant weather, the beautiful views with many other thrills to explore the town, which is home to one of the glorious royal kingdoms. The short trip offers a weekend of fun and frolic.

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