Would you not like to pamper yourself a bit in your leisure time? Well, the answer here can’t be a ‘no’, after spending an exhausting weak at work. Even if you’re not employed but managing households still you’ll never say a no to any Manicure Chatham salons. Glazing at your gracefully designed nails gives you a sense of relaxation after a tiring day. But, what about your legs? A pair of flawless shining legs can add as much pleasure to you as your hands do after a manicure. So, in this guide, you’ll get to know more about French Mani-Pedi. Presently French manicure and pedicure is the trend.

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Why French manicure and pedicure is popular?

The supreme advantage of French Mani-Pedi is that you don’t have to change it too often depending on your outfit. It suits anything you wear. The simple yet elegant look of this manicure has taken place in every women’s heart. You can have a variety of hues in French-style including cream, nude, beige and pink. But, the colors are only used for your tip and rest of your nails are polished finely with white color. It may sound easy-peasy for you but the precision it takes is only known by experts.

How to make the best French Mani-Pedi?

There are certain notes you’ve to follow if you’re reluctant to go to a saloon. But, it needs steady hands and a perfect sense of color. So, it’s better to get it done by proficient hands. Here are some tips to do it.

  • Maintain steady hands.
  • Don’t make the nail polish sloppy.
  • Clean hands thoroughly.
  • Put extra care on the nail polish quality.
  • Apply moisturizer when you’re done.

The steps to do French Mani-Pedi

Any manicure or pedicure Chatham saloons starts the process with cleaning the area. Before applying anything on your hands or feet, make sure the area is cleaned thoroughly. If you’ve got your previous nail polish, make sure to remove it first. Otherwise you won’t get the elegant and flawless look after this French-style beauty treatment.

When you’re done with the cleaning part. The next step is to clip your nails. But, clipping is not a compulsory step. You can skip the part if you’ve already shaped your nails. The shape of your nails can vary between squares or round. The last step of this process is to buff the sides and tops to keep your nails smooth.

The next step is the cuticles part. Put enough lotion or oil on this to make it soft. And then gently push it back. You don’t have to cut them as it plays a significant role in protecting your nails.

The manicure and pedicure not only make your nail look flawless but also your hands. So, make sure your hands are exfoliated and then moisturized before you apply nail polish on it.

The final step is about putting the perfect layers of nail polish. This part needs precision and creativity.


Nail salon Chatham provide you with professional expertise during your precious leisure time. Hence you’ll have a flawless glossy nails once you’re done. Since the process requires steady hands, professional knowledge, experience, and creativity, it’s best to pay a visit to these saloons.