Google is the biggest search engine, and anything new related to Google becomes news. Recently, Google has announced some significant changes, and one of the essential modifications is how Nofollow links will be counted. Earlier, Nofollow links were considered directive, which means Google will obey the Nofollow. If we are talking about ranking purposes, Google is now considering the Nofollow as a hint. Now, what does it mean? Well, this means that Google can decide whether to use the link for the purposes ranking or not. This sort of change will directly affect link building, SEO, and content marketing.

And it has become created a great buzz at the forefront. Digital Marketing Company in Noida service providers is also thinking about it how this can affect SEO. Here, we are going to put light on it to come up with the points indicating how it can affect SEO. Let us check it out in a detailed manner –

Google Nofollow Links Ranking Change – How it Affects SEO

First, we would like to mention that the mixed feedback and comments on Google Nofollow and its effects on SEO have been received till now from the experts all across the world. If we will talk about the Nofollow links, then it is mainly an HTML attribute that is added to links. It is used primarily for guiding Google that the link is not trusted. It means it will make it easier to understand which link is worthy of going with and what needs to discard. The primary purpose of this link is to combat the issue of blog comment spam.

After this update, one of the significant concerns is-will it affect the search results? SEOs are now worrying because of the search results and ranking drop. But you do not need to get that way much worry about it at all. In this, Google claims that there will be no significant impacts on the search result, and digital marketing companies do believe the same. It means you do not need to get that way much worry about your SEO methodology, as there would be no negative effect at all.

To put in simple words, this will just be used as an additional layer in which the site owners will get the liberty for adding the attributes as per the respective scenarios. According to the experts, the Google Nofollow change might help the sites in understanding the link equity that they deserve. It will help to get on the first page the deserving the websites. There is no doubt that websites have the ability to place Nofollow links on all the other links automatically. According to several SEO experts and marketing professionals, this will create an unfair situation. But it needs to wait at how this thing goes on. Jumping on a conclusion is not the ideal thing at all. Right now, this change is just in the starting phase, and coming up with the end would be a kind of hurry regarding this topic.

Along with this, Google’s Nofollow links change states the possibility of websites in which they can obtain link equity because of which there will ranking boost.

Whereas, some SEOs are claiming that this kind of Google’s change will cause an increase in link spam, which will ultimately lead to encourage for selling Nofollow links. But there is no evidence for it. These points are just being assumed only. Saying anything on this will be too early.

The latest update will ensure the change in how the rankings are being calculated. The “hint” will be considered beneficial in Google crawl or indexing. In other words, it can be said that Google can now overlook the Nofollow attribute and find it just as a ranking signal. The new update will help Google to evaluate links and identify the link schemes around paid links.

For all the publishers, it has been considered best to continue with rel=” Nofollow” for the paid links even if Google is using more than one rel value on the single link. In addition to this, bloggers do not need to alter their existing Nofollow. It means they can go the way they have already been going.

The main point to be noticed is that you can continue using Nofollow for flagging certain links. This will help in avoiding all the possible link scheme penalties. All the existing markups will also remain the same. Therefore, this was all about Google’s change in Nofollow links ranking.

Nofollow is generally used on links considered an attribute from HTML. The motto of Nofollow is telling Google regarding that which links are worthy of trusting and which are not. Earlier, it was designed only to combat the spam comments on blogs. But later, it found it useful to use for advertising links and for link generated by users only not worthy of trust. Saying anything would be quite early — all you need to wait for it to make sure that how we are going to results. Digital Marketing Companies are confident that it would not affect SEO that way much strongly, although. They are focusing on making their methodology actively.

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