Hungry shark world apk: The hungry shark world game apk only launched for only android 4.2 jelly bean or above. This game started for windows OS also you can download from here. Hungry shark world apk game designed by Ubisoft entertainment, these game developers launched a new version of this game this latest version 1.3.0.i was already written, this game was compatible with Android devices.

This is the newest version; there are 17 species sharks that you can play and different size of sharks available here. The mainly seven sharks are having different sizes, and these are existing different type characteristics. Not only have these seven sharks total 17 sharks had a different kind of symptoms. In this game, sharks can swim faster, bite harder, faster-growing hunger levels. Hammerhead sharks, faster than any other shark species.

Hungry shark world apk download:

Hungry shark world game has three different areas; names are Pacific Island. This area has many tourists, and the second one is Arab ocean, this area of industry. The third ocean is the Arctic Ocean; this is the cold ocean; there is the secret military base. This game has 20 missions to complete. The task of hunting down a specific target, achieving the highest score by the particular value, and survives. Enemies which you can eat are the Pope, small fish, Ship, Man, and much more.

If you were playing this game too hard you could use the help of such animals octopus, and turtles, shark children to increase the strength of your playing.  You can equip shark characters with accessories such as headphones, lasers, and umbrellas if you would like this game download and play this game.

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Features of hungry shark game apk:

  1. Hungry shark world apk total of 20 types of sharks available and each one has different characteristics. You can use as the nimble Hammerhead shark.
  2. You can log in through Facebook. You can play with your friends.
  3. In this game 20 different missions are available.
  4. You can get rank depending upon your food chain and level up your awesome pal.jawsome pal this is useful to you bite harder, swim faster and grow speedily.
  5. This is comfort quality and 3d graphics game.
  6. Mainly three beautiful worlds Pacific Island, sun-drenched tourist hot spot. The Arctic Ocean, a frozen wasteland.
  7. This game has 20 different types of missions including high scores.
  8. Baby sharks, octopus, and even a feisty turtle are all happy to help in your adventure.
  9. Combo bonuses, Gold rush to boost your hi-scores. Find all Hungry Letters to trigger the insane Super Size Power Up!