The IRT0421 is made by the company, Kintrex. In addition to making infrared thermometers, Kintrex also has a line of waterproof thermometers. In general, Kintrex is a company with a good reputation. Their products (including the IRT0421) have received mostly positive reviews because of their convenience, quality, and sophistication

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As far as thermometers go, the IRT0421 does offer accuracy and performance. The main benefits of the thermometer are, of course, its non-contact infrared capabilities. This particular feature allows you to measure the temperature of a very hot object without any contact. Because of its low voltage, it also has the advantage of offering users a longer battery life—up to 60% more, as Kintrex explains. Other important features are the accuracy of the thermometer’s measurements and the fact that it has a wide temperature range: it measures from -76 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. It also switches from Fahrenheit to Celsius very easily.


Let’s begin first with the benefits of such a thermometer. Ideal for industrial work or food service, the IRT0421 has a distance to the target ratio of 12:1, which allows users to stand safely away from a very hot object or machine. More importantly, the thermometer can do several readings in a matter of seconds, which comes in handy when taking the temperature of moving objects (an assembly line, for instance). Lastly, the thermometer provides an ergonomic handle for better maneuverability and a holster.

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Although the IRT0421 is a quality thermometer, a potential drawback is precisely is its price. Some competing thermometers, like the Craftsman Non-Contact Infrared, generally does the same job and for a fraction of the price (the Kintrex brand is around $80 while Craftsman costs around $30). The Kintrex IRT0421 is more sophisticated than some of its lesser-priced competitors, but not everyone will take advantage of its sophisticated features, and thus, not everyone can justify that price (However, right now on, you can save almost $35 plus free shipping on the IRT0421). It seems like the Kintrex IRT0421 is best for a setting that needs high performance, accuracy, and a wide range. Lastly, there is one potential drawback to the design: the sensitivity of the laser indicator to the thermometer being dropped accidentally.

In all, it seems like the Kintrex IRT0421 offers quality and general durability. For professionals who need accuracy, this is one thermometer to consider.

Reviews from Real Consumers

 “I really like this thermometer.  I use it to check everything from food temperature, wall temperatures, duct temps, skin temperature, etc.…  I point it all over the room just to see where I’m losing heat in the walls.  It has me thinking about buying a thermal imaging camera now.  I really like it.”