iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems after Android. It is a renowned platform for mobile app development and garnered huge recognition all around the world. Introduced with just a few applications when it was just launched, Apple’s app store lists millions of applications today.

The businesses have acknowledged the dominance of mobile apps for the success and popularity of the business. The applications are driving force for the business to engage more customers and bring more revenue.

As the technologies are advancing, new trends and practices become prevalent in the app development process. Businesses sought for iOS app development as it assures secured and powerful apps for iOS devices. IoT, artificial intelligence, and technologies like machine learning surging to impact every industry. Today developers have them many advanced tools and technologies to write quality codes for developing powerful applications.

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Here is the list of latest trends in iOS app development 

  • App security:

    Apple has always been concerned about the security of data on devices. This has done so by the development of App transport Security with the implementation of Transport Layer security. The main objective is to protect the data from hackers and any cyber attack. This layer of security along with the privacy policies enables building robust applications. In the newest update, iOS have allowed the auto-fill option of the passwords apps. The coming year will be the period for the development of secure apps without any inconvenience.

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality:

    Augmented reality is creating a buzz across various industries and it is becoming huge. There are modish apps built with Augmented Reality. In the recent development, a new format of USDZ which empowers the developers to use a single file format to produce 3D content. There is the latest ARKit2 to deliver new components for building Augmented reality. At present, businesses are rendering personalized encounters to their customers.

  • Artificial intelligence:

    Artificial intelligence has changed the course of mobile apps. You must be aware of SIRI on iOS that assists users in the performance of definite functions. SIRI has now had integration into the gaming apps and with name shortcuts.It facilitates the users to make a payment using the voice features. Apple at present is trying to create an evolved SIRI Kit for the enhancement in its performance.

  • Machine Learning:

    Machine learning technology introduces natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence for game development. The newest version of machine learning is leading the path to develop app future application for Apple’s future-ready hardware. This technology facilitates to develop feature-rich apps, high-quality and high-performance and responsive applications for iPhone and Ipads. Machine learning technology is being one of the most popular trends for app development.

  • Apple Pay:

    A recent study has revealed that there had been millions of transactions with the Apple Way. it has grown huge in the last year. The integration of apple pay with the applications is anticipated to become prominent in the future, becoming it one of the important trends for ios app development.

  • Swift 5.0:

    iOS developers are enthusiastic to use Swift 5.0 for creating iOS applications. This version of swift has introduced the Application Binary Interface for stability. It will enable the developers to embed swift libraries with the runtime and make OS compatible for apps developed using Swift 5.0. Swift has become one of the most favored programming languages for app development. Developers are going to harness it to build powerful and feature-packed applications.

  • Apple Home Kit:

    IoT has become a dominant technology, home kit by Apple as a stage for the equipment to stimulation actions and management. It is an advantageous technology for the company building IoT enabled equipment and peripherals. the increase in demand is going to enhance the technology and currently being in recent trends for iOS applications.

Benefits of building iOS apps

  • Phenomenal user Experience:

    iOS applications are being the top choice for business purposes. iOS platform provides impeccable hardware and an amazing user experience. iOS provides an amazing app experience. Impeccable customer support and maintenance services prove to improve the experience of users.

  • Highly secure apps:

    iOS apps are known for their security. The iOS apps are being put through a strict testing process to protect from cyber-attacks and data breaches and malware. The data in the apps are protected by the security layer and encrypt the data. Investing in iOS apps is always a beneficial decision.

  • Low fragmentation and Easy testing:

    The number of Apple devices is less as compared to the presence of android devices in the market. The development of Android apps have to go through for testing for all the devices, However, with the limited version, iOS app can easily be tested.

  • Faithful customers:

    It is popular in the market that Apple customers are loyal and stick to the apple devices once they use this platform. It is due to its high performance and superior quality Apple has become a choice for the use of mobile devices.