There are many stories in this world about large corporations in this world that started out from a small garage. You can find my large corporations in every country whose owner started doing business from a small cart or small corner shop. In most of these scenarios, the core secrets behind the success of these entrepreneurs were their focus on quality and their vision for growth, i.e. they reinvested what they earned from their business.

Well, these two (not so secret anymore) factors are still important, but one factor that has become even more important in today’s world is the use of digital technology.

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It is not enough anymore to start from a small shop and wait for the customers to find out about you through words of mouth. Neither are periodical ads in local newspapers or through flyers sufficient anymore. Nowadays, companies become multi-million-dollar multination companies, not in decades but years.

Achieving this can be difficult as well as easy at the same time. It is difficult as it involves know-how technology and easy because it can be started from your home with a very small budget.

A business has to promote its products and services to get the attention of the customers. For this purpose, the internet has been proved the best medium between business and customers. Through the internet, an entrepreneur can promote his products and services, using the web or mobile applications, and can have access to customers from the whole world, not just a small locale.

Mobile and web applications have become a need for a flourishing business. Nowadays, every company with a vision for growth has an online presence. But not every business owner or manager has the skills or human resources to develop their web and mobile applications in-house, so they resort to the services of a professional web and app development service provider.

Following is a list of benefits that a business can get by having a web presence and mobile application:

Comfort for Customers

Mobile applications are the easiest and best way for the customers to search, select, order and purchase products of their own choice. Shopping via a mobile app is easier and less time-consuming. Customers don’t need to provide their information every time they make a purchase. Due to this easiness and less time-consuming process, many customers prefer to purchase products from a business which has a mobile application. So, the presence of a mobile app for the business helps the business to increase the ease for their customers, enhancing the utility of their product or service.

Constant Visibility to Customers

The statistic shows an average person spends at least four hours a day using their mobile phone, so with the presence of a mobile app, a business can get the benefit of constant visibility to the customers which ultimately will increase sales for the business.

Brand Building

Businesses spend a sizable part of their budget on advertising. While ads on newspapers, billboards, signboards, pamphlets and banners do have their impact, but the impact on brand recognition of digital advertising and marketing is much larger than local advertising while at the same time being much cheaper. Creating a mobile application, social media business pages and official business website can be cheaper than renting out an outdoor billboard for a month or two in a busy area.

Enhanced Customer Relationship

Where business-to-customer communication is very important for efficiency, Customer-to-business communication is also of the same importance. A customer desires to have a quick response to his complaints, ideas and concerns. A mobile application helps to maintain this critical relationship, as it makes it a lot easier for customers to provide their feedback to the business. It also makes it a lot easier for businesses to respond to customer feedback.

Mobile Payment Services

Payments through mobile apps have become a very popular mode of payment. Many multi-purpose mobile applications that function as payment gateways. For instance, through a mobile application called MyTM, we can book airline tickets, business tickets, cinema ticket and a lot more. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to make all sorts of online payments through this single app. Almost all type of businesses can integrate payment options into their mobile apps to receive direct payment. This type of payment through a mobile app is very fast and secure and comfortable for the user as well as businesses.

Concluding Remarks

In the current world of global digital consumers when almost every youngster and adult below 40 years of age (and many older people as well) using a smartphone, every company, be it large or small, wants to be in on this huge opportunity. Having both a web presence and mobile application is becoming critical to business success. However, not every company possesses the resources needed to create their own applications by themselves. The solution for many companies is outsourcing the web and mobile applications process to professional third-party developers. One such company is You can get in touch with them to ask for free advice on how to implement the digitizing of your business operations.