Arcade the Gaming App – Augmenting Gaming Communities

People are using smartphones to play games for very long. Back then, before the invention of smartphones, when simple phones were in use, major mobile companies never paid any attention to developing mobile-based gaming applications. 

Now with billions of users of smartphones, games have found their place in each and every mobile phone. Not only can one sell esports games now, but slowly and eventually, playing games has also turned into a giant business.

How amazing! Turning a hobby into a fun-filled profession

With games came gaming apps and communities. There are now groups of players known as clans who compete with other groups and win trophies and many things.

Arcade – Augmenting Gaming Communities

Rcade gaming app is a community for gamers, where one can register himself/herself for free, meet like-minded players, and then just have a lifetime gaming experience. 

Arcade app is a platform where one can play games, record one’s best shots, edit, upload, and share it with other gamers via various channels, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, One Drive, and more. An application built by gamers for gamers!

The team of gamers select the best clips and share it via text, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. This way, you reach millions out there and get recognized for your master gaming skills. 

Once you get recognized among other gamers, you can also take it up as a profession and earn a good amount. 

Rising Graph of Casual Gaming

Smartphones have become an addiction! Teenagers, especially youth, are addicted to using mobile phones and playing games on a daily basis. They are not serious gamers, but they don’t mind trying dozens of new games. Because of this, Arcade came into being.

Arcade app has provided a platform for many casual players to grow into their interest and interact with new gamers from across the world. 

Still wondering why become part of gaming communities and choose a gaming app?

A socializing Gaming community is the only market that gets your game right in front of pro-gamers and brands, helping you reach and promote in the right direction. Arcade is one such platform where you can augment your skills in the most amazing way:

  • Your game can get in front of the right audience and reach targeted people.
  • Arcade’s gaming app wins gamers’ trust by the shared clips, which lets them increase their subscribers and followers.
  • It helps you earn using your master gaming skills.
  • Learn tips and tricks about new games from the pro-gamers, across the world.
  • Through your gaming skills, reach millions of other aspirers, and grow into your own gaming community.
  • With a huge number of visitors every day, Arcade is a gamers’ one-stop solution for every player.

 So, what are you waiting for! Register and see the magical results for yourself!