In the present time, there is extensive use of smartphones, and mobile applications are changing the dynamics of the business sphere. If we talk about smartphones, Android is ruling the Smartphone sector with millions of android device users all across the globe. Android is not limited to just smartphones, and there are other devices powered by Android, such as Smart TV and other appliances, as technology is advancing. As new technologies are empowering to create innovative functions in smartphones, the Android app development market is also growing.

Android has created a job platform offering lots of job opportunities. Individuals get enthusiastic about building a career in this field. Companies are keen to hire android developers who can build innovative and out of the box applications to become a success in the market. With the excess demand, being an android developer is a lucrative career option.

For becoming an adept Android developer, one must seek an Android training course to learn and build practical skills to develop android applications and learn its concepts. Only the intense knowledge and proficient practical skills can land candidates with a successful career as an Android developer.

Here are some reasons listed below that you should join android training 

  • Higher job prospects: Google is continuously improving and updating the android platform. There are new features and improvements and an increase in the number of devices in the market. This has created a swollen demand for Android developers. In the coming time, this demand is growing to be leaps and bounds. An increasing number of students are looking towards android development as a stepping stone for creating a strong future.
  • Batter pay packages: As the android demand is great, they are getting a higher salary in the companies. Candidates with the certification are always preferred by the employers in the job selection. Candidates, even as beginners can get enhanced salaries in this domain.
  • Hands-on knowledge: The candidates joining android training will gain the opportunity to learn to develop apps and in-depth insight into the concepts of android app development. They can upskill their knowledge, and it will help them to get hired by the companies. Android helps to construct a strong foundation to lay does a path of success for a better future. In most of the training centers, along with the courses, placement assistance is also given, which helps the individual to grab the right opportunity.
  • Create apps out-of-the-box apps: The android platforms provide independence to the developers to develop apps out of their creative instincts. It does not have very strict rules for applications, which allows the developers to create unique and innovative apps with their out of the box ideas. The training empowers the students to blend creativity with the skills.
  • Secured Job: Android market is on the road of growth, and it is going to become enormous in the future. Candidates can build secure jobs in this domain with high salaries as it is here to stay. It is a lucrative opportunity and to develop web development skills.

Programming languages for creating android apps 


XML: XML is a markup language is used by the developers for setting up the layout for the android application. XML helps the developers to simplify the data interchange and authorization of smart code.


Java: Java is the primary language preferred by the developers for android app development. Java is an object-oriented, secure, and portable language apt for creating android apps.

Kotlin: Google has announced Kotlin as the official programming language for Android. It runs on Java Virtual Machine. This language is increasingly used by the developers for various purposes such as client-side, server-side scripting.

To begin a career as an android developer, one needs to master certain skills and have knowledge before venturing into the market. Here is the complete list that needs to be equipped by the candidate.

  • Knowledge of Java: It is very crucial to learn java as it is the foundation to build android applications. Those candidates who know java programming will not find android app development very hard. Developers have to gain crystal clear knowledge regarding the mobile environment and all the components for web development.
  • Understanding of XML: It is a standard mark-up language, and it has many features similar to the HTML. In the android environment, XML is used by the developers to create the design as a base UI definition for the apps.
  • Android software development Kit: SDK is just a form of pre-packaged code that is readily available for the development of applications.
  • Android Studio: Integrated development environment is also referred to as an Android studio. The developer must be familiar with the Android Studio. It helps to male auto-completion of id suggestions

Key takeaway: The android market is booming exponentially, providing ample opportunities for Android developers. It is the best time to take up the Android Training course to enter the app development market and create a lucrative career.