Whenever you are watching DJ battles or live DJ sets, you may also want to try beat mixing and matching, scratching, or beat juggling. But what stops you from doing it? Is it your budget?

Many seasoned DJs would agree that starting a full-time career in the industry requires time, effort, patience, and skills. In fact, learning how to make music is already challenging. Other than that, you also need to master different DJ gear or equipment while ensuring that you have a high level of confidence in performing in front of the crowd.

Yes, it’s true that you will need a certain amount of money just to purchase all the necessary DJ gear. Besides, enrolling in a proper school for DJs can really run your thousands. However, there are some DJ courses that can match your budget requirement while giving your excellent DJ lessons, just like what SubBass Academy of Electronic Music provides. Then, there are some alternatives to expensive DJ gear to choose from.

Learning to DJ can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know where to start, and you are on a tight budget. But there are effective ways you can learn DJing without breaking the bank.

Do Not Fear Trial and Error

In case you do not have any access to proper DJ classrooms or you are not into trying other music production courses, you can opt for music production software to start playing your desired style of music.

Meanwhile, it is essential for you to take time fiddling with things and discover how you can make sounds through a particular program. You can experiment with different programs like Logic, Ableton, and more until you find how you can produce awesome sounds.

For sure, your work will sound not so impressive at first. Besides, it will take you a long time and a lot of effort before you can ultimately end up with excellent music. After that, many DJs had started with terrible sound before they perfected it. So, don’t feel bad. Always make yourself open to trial and error.

Once you start DJing, you will realize the choosing the appropriate tunes at the right time for a specific audience is essential. Understanding the art of beat matching will help you get closer to what you are aiming for. So, it is necessary for you to choose a DJing software that can allow you to do effective beat matching.

Seek for A Private Tutor

Getting a private tutor is a practical way of advancing your DJ skills. Plenty of places online offer a private class along with someone who is willing to share his or her experience and expertise. It could be an experienced DJ or other professionals related to the industry.

Although having a private tutor might cost you a little, but what you will learn is worth the amount. To help you end up with the right teacher, try to find as many options as you want or ask your friends for some referrals. Then, ask the prospect tutors what they have to don and determine how they can help you improve your current skills and becomes an effective, successful DJ in the future. If possible, you can also try listening to their music to know whether you share the same style.

Consider Watching YouTube Tutorials

When people want to learn something for free, from languages to fixing their defective appliances, YouTube is among their top choices. And, guess what, this platform can also help you with how to DJ. This is where you can find experts uploading their video content and teach you everything. They know about DJing through tutorials. All you need to do is to get your phone, sit on your favorite couch, and watch YouTube tutorials.

Interestingly, there are tons of DJing tutorials to choose from. You can opt for videos teaching how you can properly mix tracks, what you should do while you are on the DJ deck, how you should deal with technical errors, how to set up DJ skills effectively, and so much more. So, you can really find a particular YouTube tutorial that suits your needs. You just need to determine which area or skill you want to learn.

However, be aware that sometimes it will take you time before you can find the right video content for you. That is because not all videos on YouTube are quality content, where you may watch the one that is not helpful at all. Well, you need to practice patience, and you will surely find the video that can help you a lot. Besides, you can also find music pieces on YouTube that you can use as an inspiration when you are making music.

Collaborate with Other DJs or Musicians

One of the best ways to improve your craft is by learning from others’ experiences. If you are about to start DJing, meeting, and befriending, people who have already gained significant experiences in the industry is an advantage.

In case you still have a few fans yet have experienced playing live shows, you can try talking to other DJs or artists about collaboration in an apprentice-like condition. There are some successful artists who are willing to help others to discover the ins and outs of the industry. So, for sure, you will find someone who has the willingness to make an amazing collaboration with you.

Additionally, you can volunteer to assist other DJs with their menial tasks, including booking, website maintenance, or social media. You can also offer to assist them in engineering or mixing their music so that they can focus on other important things or commitments. In return, these people can teach you essential things about DJing or even set you up for fantastic career opportunities. These are the things you can collaborate with other DJs that might take you several years if you them by yourself.

Not everyone would agree to mentor or teach you in this manner. But, if you find those kinds of artists, then grab the opportunity. That is because it might be the most effective way to advance your career.

Try Free Music Sources

If you want to display your creativity, then never limit yourself. When creating a library of music, torrenting is never a good idea.

To avoid copying others’ sound, you can start by filling your track collection with free music. In such a situation, you can take advantage of SoundCloud. From this platform, you can find tons of interesting music of all genres. Then, try to find the ones that can match your style. That way, you can create an original collection.

Use DJ Gear You Have Already Got

For most people, DJing requires plenty of specialized gear. But the truth is basic gear can already help in creating an awesome DJ show.

When hearing your mixing, your cheap gaming speaker, HI-FI, decent boom box, or even the TV’s soundbar can probably help you in learning how to DJ. Well, as long as you can plug your input from the DJ setup into it, the specialized monitor is not yet necessary.

As for the headphones, you can start with the one with a headband. Thus, never try a live show using your speakers at home. Just use them during your practice.

Use Decks to Master Old-School Beat Matching

If you want to begin with mastering the old-school beat matching or playing vinyl, then you will need record decks. This is where you can practice the manual slowing or speeding of two music bits so that they can be played at the same speed. Besides, you can also mix them. For automatic slowing or speeding, you can opt for software like Traktor, which will also help you focus on music options and blend them later on.

Get A Vinyl Collection

According to many DJs with years of experience in the industry, the best way to learn DJing is by using vinyl records or turntables. In fact, many people quickly fall in love with the art of DJing. On top of that, nothing can beat learning how to DJ the traditional way.

There’s no wrong if you want to try computer-based mixing, but learning DJing traditionally is effective in sharpening your skills and making you pay attention to the waveform, beats, and music. Not only that, but you can also utilize types of vinyl to practice scratching beats while developing your stage presence.

You can always opt for laptops, MIDI controllers, and CDJs, however, if it is possible for you to afford the space, then a pair of turntables will work best for you.

In case you opt for the turntable route, do not forget to get yourself a vinyl collection. Although it will take you time to find selections online or at sales, you can obtain a better appreciation of the art. You may require two similar records, depending on the type of mixing you desire to do.

Consider Buying Cheap Gear

There is nothing wrong if you will start with cheap gear, just make sure to purchase wisely.

When it comes to hardware, the cheapest way for you to get it is through a DJ controller. That is because it offers a great value of money rather than opting for the traditional DJ setup. But, make sure to be careful since there are rubbish DJ controllers out there. Good thing, there are several ways how you can choose the right DJ controller for your needs. As mentioned, you can take advantage of YouTube and try to find valuable content that can help you spot the right gear for you without overstretching your pockets.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes of many who want to enter the DJing world is the assumption that they can never be good enough by relying solely on the things they can only afford. However, you need to keep in mind that not all successful or well-established DJs across the world have started developing their skills and gaining experiences through expensive gear or enrolling at proper school with overwhelming fees. There are plenty of ways you can try without breaking the bank, from free software to free music collection to free video tutorials.

If you are really serious about learning how to DJ, your budget is never an excuse. In case you still do not have DJ gear, then you can look for cheap options but deliver quality results. In short, you need to be resourceful. Not to mention that you will take a long journey before you become successful in the industry. So, you also need to develop patience and willingness to wait for the big break.

For better results, do not forget to take DJ courses from SubBass Academy. That is the best way to equip yourself with the essential DJ learning and skills without breaking the bank.