Traveling is a special time for everyone, and while traveling, we all know that how hunger we feel, so avoid that hunger part from are travel we can carry with us some basic travel snack if you remember the school hostel time, how our grandmother packs a jar of shakkarpara or the namakpara which help us with the travel and also at the hostel tea time. Here are some of the travel snakes which you can carry with you to avoid the extra expenses. We are providing you both home maid and the other also which children basically like.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips are one of the most eatable food which everyone like to carry with him while traveling some person like only the salted chips, some like the masala depend upon their flavor.


A cold drink is also one of the travel snacks which you can carry with you because if you buy a cold drink from the platform so in that case might be possible that you need to pay the extra amount because of the railway station charges. To save money, its be the best option to take the food from outside of the station.

Britannia cake

Britannia cake is also a good source of travel hunger, which we can carry with us. This cake is loved by the kids. Also, they really like to eat this at the traveling time. This one is also you need to carry with you from your home with the same reason as above for the cold drink.

Fried poha

Fried poha is one of the travel snacks which everyone can prepare at home, and this will be the best source for the travel hunger which everyone can take with him as it’s a dry hunger so you don’t need to worry about the oil which can make your cloth dirty.

Jeera puri

If it’s travel only for one day so you can carry this jeera puri also with you, which will also help you to enjoy your journey while traveling.

Fried potato

For a shorter period of the journey, this will also be a good option to carry with you. This fried potato can enjoy the cup of tea and tomato ketchup. This combination will surely increase your hunger instead of reducing it.


Popcorn is always for the part-time snack, whether we talk about the movie time or we talk about the travel time. You can carry this food as a travel snack with you.

Fried peanuts

Fried peanut is the other best option to carry with you while traveling. This one is the other option to get instant food without paying while traveling.

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Author by: Chetna Sharma is the author of this blog, and I want to share this information with you. It’s my personal experience which I am sharing with you. All these snacks you can get easily from the market or some of the snacks can be prepared at home.