Decoding the Indian transportation industry

Competition has been rising exponentially in the transport sector. Transport companies are fast embracing new technologies to perk up the quality of the services which are offering to their customers. Transportation services are the base of every economy. With the latest technologies, the logistics industry is taking all winning moves. The foundation of success in the transportation business is providing efficient, effective, and flexible services at cost-effective rates.

Mentioned below are some of the latest trends to hit transport sector:

  • Enhanced road safety due to the presence of electronic log devices 

ELDs, i.e. Electronic Log Devices, have a huge impact on the Local Transport Company.   Now the drivers cannot drive beyond the stipulated number of hours in a week. They have to take days off, and this has made a huge impact on safety on the road. When drivers are less tired, the chance of accidents reduces as they have more control ability. This holds true in the case of drivers who drive long haul trucks.

  • Self-driving trucks

This technology is still at a nascent stage. But this seems to be the future. These self-navigating trucks are bound to change the way things operate. These trucks would maneuver through high traffic zones with precision and accuracy. All this is possible due to tremendous growth in the arena of artificial intelligence. An AI enables trucks can easily gauge road conditions and behave in a particular way. In fact, in the long run, these trucks can become better than the human-operated trucks, thus changing the entire dynamics of the transportation business.

  • Compliance with the regulatory system

Regulatory compliance is one of the leading trends in the transport business. Commercial companies now stay fully abreast of recent regulations and requirements put across local, state, or federal governing bodies. Whether it is the norms regarding electronic logbooks, safety rules, overtime, etc. regulations are a trend now.

  • Blockchain

This is one of the biggest trends in transportation for all online Transport Company. This technology makes sure that there is complete accuracy with respect to performance history. When any truck gets sold for the second time, the customer will be able to access all records without a problem as they will be transparent and immutable. This is done to ensure that all information in the context of the truck is totally credible and without any reason for doubt.

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  • Address deliveries

E-commerce has lead to convenient address deliveries. Better service has become the norm, and this is increasing the competitiveness of the business. Last-mile deliveries are making the shipping schedules even tighter. If a company wants to have full control over the market, they need to add on to their fleet of trucks on a regular basis. All transportation companies now strive to offer superb services at the lowest possible rates so that the customers do not wander anywhere else.

So, these are some of the trends which are shaping the future of the transport industry in the coming times. Any company which does not stay in tune with new things lags behind in the race to make profits and revenues.